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Can we turn the clock back and start 2020 again, please?

What a time we are living in!

Having just spent 2 busy weeks at Whindley doing the boring maintenance and decorating tasks which every spring brings with it, we are now facing the prospect of not being able to return until this pandemic is under some sort of control.

We are devastated, not only for ourselves, but also for the other visitors whose holidays are cancelled, and local businesses whose trade will suffer. Thoughts then go to all the people who are ill with this dreadful virus and the many who face death as a result and the depression deepens.

The positive note is that there is an army of people in health and other service sectors who are working tirelessly to keep the rest of us healthy and provisioned in every way. Let us all be eternally grateful to them.

Let us hope that in the future they are better appreciated. Maybe after facing this adversity, the human race will become more concerned about his fellow man and the planet than before.

One can only hope.........

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