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Missing life....

We have all missed so much of life this year! Normally, we would have visited Whindley at least six times during the year. In March, we were there for our first visit of the year when the news became increasingly grim. We left early to beat the travel bans before we became stranded.

In September, when restrictions had been relaxed a bit, we made a visit to get things set for the winter. We make sure that background heating is on to prevent burst pipes and we started a bit of decorating. There was talk of having missed this year but, we will look forward to next year even more enthusiastically. Plans were made to travel north again a couple of times to finish painting and get everything ready before next Easter. Things were getting back to normal, we said. Things are looking up, we said.......etc, etc.

Well, didn't that work out well!

To put things in perspective, we are still here, many are not! There is still a way to go and we still cannot travel north. We may have missed our visits to Gairloch but we have a lot to be thankful for.

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