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Scottish weather gets a bad press!!!

The frequest response when people know you are visiting Scotland is...."take some warm clothes!" or "prepare to get wet a lot". This gets very frustrating and tedious.

Admittedly, if you are wanting guarenteed sunshine and wall to wall heatwave, Scotland might not be your first choice. If on

the other hand you are a " glass half full" type of person and you can appreciate the wild beauty of our land then Scotland is the place for you.

We spend a lot of time in Gairloch, so we know that it is very much a matter of luck what the weather will do during a brief stay. This gives us the excuse for staying as long as possible to increase the chance of some fine weather, of course.

The fine spells can arrive at any time of year. We have hiked up hills in February in T-shirts as well as having to cool down in the sea in hot summer weather. However, some of the best experiences can be had when watching the approach of a storm and seeing the atmospheric mists swirl. If you are dressed for any eventuality and are prepared to take a little time to appreciate this wonderful landscape in any weather, you will love every minute of it.

As a last resort, if it gets too wet, windy or cold, respite can be found in any local hostelry with a wee dram and a view from a window.

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