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Sunsets are so tempting.

Being related to a photographer can be a blessing, or a curse. The chief photographer in our family likes nothing more than a good sunset, which makes the west coast of Scotland an absolute heaven for him.

I am sure he is just as drawn to dawn light but there are a number of problems with that. You have to get up early in summer to catch the moment. In winter it is not so bad, but the weather is often less than encouraging. At Whindley, going to find a good spot for a decent sunrise is not so easy.

The problem with spending time at Whindley is, the sunset is often stunning and tempts you to take just one more shot. Even though you have hundreds (or even thousands ) of similar scenes, you are convinced that this will be the best yet.

I don't claim that this is the best yet, but it was a good one from this week. Let's face it, with this as the view from your front door step, you can't complain!

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