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What can I say..........

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We love Scotland! More particularly, we love Wester Ross.

My husband tells a tale of, as a child, reading about a place in NW Scotland with a strange name. It was one of those places which, although on the same island, appeared to be a foreign land. So different to NE England.......

........and then twenty years later we drive there on holiday with the family!

Twenty years on again, and many holidays later, and we buy a house and garden in this magical place.

Our house in Wester Ross, Whindley, is a beautiful, peaceful and homely place where we come to relax and revive our spirits. The house and garden do give us challenges from time to time but, sitting on the bench at the end of the day, watching the sun go down over the Isle of Skye, it is all worth while.

We hope our visitors will also discover the magic of this little bit of Scotland.

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