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Why Whindley?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When we first bought Whindley, I questioned the choice of name.

Beyond the garden to the north east is a high cliff of rock which at this time of year is covered with bright yellow gorse. Indeed, gorse is probably the most common plant over vast areas of Wester Ross along with the bracken and heather. Another name for the common gorse is "whin".

We have presumed that the name was chosen because gorse surrounds the house and would also dominate the garden if we gave it half a chance. It also gave the moorland bird, the whinchat it's name. We have yet to spot one at Whindley, however.

On a warm still day, the colour is stunning and the smell is even more so. Why does a spiky shrubby plant smell of coconut? That's another question to try and find the answer to.

Stunning yellow and smelling of coconut., gorse surround Whindley.
Gorse (or Whin)

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